EHN 2014 – Foto Diary #1


A few first impressions from swiss Club Z7 last night :





Tobi needed a new set of strimgs before he could …



























… start setting up the stage …




… discussions with stage management and our Unzucht fellows …





… well – sound is ok; but now we need a little light check, too …





… and we’re ready to go !! SEE YOU SOOON !!




EHN 2014 – Foto Diary #0 – On the road again ;)

René awaiting the nightliner bus ….


… we’ll be sharing with Unzucht


… but before we can go – we need to pack up quite a bit …


… a big and warm Hello to our friends from UNZUCHT ;)


… Hey that looks cozy inside ;) Guess it’s a true ‘WEITER!’ tour bus …


Wait ! We can’t drive yet ! There’s two guys missing ! Ooops …

… to be continued ….

HM vs Ost+Front – New Remix out now !


‘Freundschaft’, die neue Ost+Front-Single, ist erschienen. Darauf gibt es einen Remix vom ‘Liebeslied’, den die Heldmaschine angefertigt hat !!  Wir nahmen das Original … und heldmaschinsierten es, was das Zeug hält….

Auf  Amazon  oder auf  iTunes reinhören.

Ja, so ist das mit Freundschaft und Liebesliedern…

The new OstFron single ‘Freundschaft’ (‘Friendship’) is out now. It comes with a great new Heldmaschine Remix, in which we .. well, heldmachinized the hell out of the track.  Amazon  or  iTunes.



1st EHN Trailer out ;)

We are definitely looking forward to then … see you there !!

Goodbye, Marco – Welcome, Dejan !


Once again, real life takes a big toll, and Heldmaschine can make no exception. To quote those envolved: “There is enourmous pressure on his shoulders – and the hunt isn’t even on yet …” (= First line of our song ‘Weiter!’).
Here the concerned parties speak for themselves:


Dear friends of Heldmaschine, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you today about my leave from Heldmaschine. It is a tough decision that was very difficult to make. And yet I need all my time and energy to achieve certain goals that are very important for me personally. I want to thank you for all the trust and your great support which will stay with me as memories  of many truly unforgettable moments. Your support was something that I have always experienced as something very special. Something that Heldmaschine -for whatever reason- always was blessed with. Thank you for that ! And stay with the boys, they are still at the beginning of a big big journey ! And now … WEITER ! (Onwards !)

Yours, Marco.

Dear friends and fans of Heldmaschine, when you travel, some paths lead to a fork and branch off in two directions, while other paths cross and form a new road into the future. This is happening to me right now, and to Heldmaschine. I am very happy to say that my and Heldmaschine’s paths have crossed. As a new member I will now take Marco Vetter’s place on guitar. Marco walked a great, long and strenuous distance together with the band and I will continue that with all my power. I wish Marco from my heart that all his set goals may soon be reached and whenever our paths may cross again – I am looking forward to it. To say it with his words again: Weiter !, Weiter !  (Onwards !) All the best – until the next show…
Yours, Dejan


As you can imagine, Heldmaschine sees all of this with a big smile in one eye and a big tear in the other. Thus it is not so easy to ‘just tell you’ all of this….
So, to give everyone -you AND us- the chance to say goodbye to Marco and meet ‘the new kid on the block’ we’ll insert an extra Heldmaschine concert for you: On october 30th, we’ll be playing the KUBANA club in Siegburg, Germany. And that’s where we will say Goodbye to Marco – and a warm Welcome to Dejan !

We hope for your understanding … and we hope to see you soon. Looking forward to new horizons !
Yours, Heldmaschine