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Goodbye, Marco – Welcome, Dejan !


Once again, real life takes a big toll, and Heldmaschine can make no exception. To quote those envolved: „There is enourmous pressure on his shoulders – and the hunt isn’t even on yet …“ (= First line of our song ‚Weiter!‘).
Here the concerned parties speak for themselves:


Dear friends of Heldmaschine, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you today about my leave from Heldmaschine. It is a tough decision that was very difficult to make. And yet I need all my time and energy to achieve certain goals that are very important for me personally. I want to thank you for all the trust and your great support which will stay with me as memories  of many truly unforgettable moments. Your support was something that I have always experienced as something very special. Something that Heldmaschine -for whatever reason- always was blessed with. Thank you for that ! And stay with the boys, they are still at the beginning of a big big journey ! And now … WEITER ! (Onwards !)

Yours, Marco.

Dear friends and fans of Heldmaschine, when you travel, some paths lead to a fork and branch off in two directions, while other paths cross and form a new road into the future. This is happening to me right now, and to Heldmaschine. I am very happy to say that my and Heldmaschine’s paths have crossed. As a new member I will now take Marco Vetter’s place on guitar. Marco walked a great, long and strenuous distance together with the band and I will continue that with all my power. I wish Marco from my heart that all his set goals may soon be reached and whenever our paths may cross again – I am looking forward to it. To say it with his words again: Weiter !, Weiter !  (Onwards !) All the best – until the next show…
Yours, Dejan


As you can imagine, Heldmaschine sees all of this with a big smile in one eye and a big tear in the other. Thus it is not so easy to ‚just tell you‘ all of this….
So, to give everyone -you AND us- the chance to say goodbye to Marco and meet ‚the new kid on the block‘ we’ll insert an extra Heldmaschine concert for you: On october 30th, we’ll be playing the KUBANA club in Siegburg, Germany. And that’s where we will say Goodbye to Marco – and a warm Welcome to Dejan !

We hope for your understanding … and we hope to see you soon. Looking forward to new horizons !
Yours, Heldmaschine